What file is used to hold responses for automated Windows installations?

During a Windows installation, there are a number of interactive prompts for which a human must provide an answer. Fortunately, this interactive process can be automated so that the installation can complete without any human intervention. What is the name of the file that stores the information necessary to automate the Windows installation process?

A) Automate.txt

B) Installer.txt

C) Answers.txt

D) Unattend.txt

The answer: D) Unattend.txt

The Unattend.txt file can be used to create a hands-off installation that runs without you standing around and waiting to input your computer name, domain information, or time zone details. If you need to install a large number of Windows-based computers, the Unattend.txt file will be very useful!

The incorrect answers:

All of the incorrect answers were pulled out of thin air. There are no specialized features that match any of these other filenames.

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