What is an advantage of using hardware-based RAID?

You’re installing a new server with a RAID array, and you need to decide how to best implement your RAID solution. What is an advantage of using hardware-based RAID over a software-based solution?

A) Hardware-based RAID is less expensive

B) Hardware-based RAID has better performance

C) Hardware-based RAID is optimized for the operating system

D) Hardware-based RAID has better integration with the operating system

E) Hardware-based RAID provides a convenient source of vitamin C

The answer: B) Hardware-based RAID has better performance

Hardware-based RAID provides its own hardware for processing and takes much of the processing away from the operating system. Although it’s faster, hardware-based RAID requires the additional cost of specialized drive controllers. Hardware-based RAID is also invisible to the operating system, so there’s no optimization or integration with the OS running on the hard drives.

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