What is the D for?

What does the D in SDRAM stand for?

A) Dynamic

B) Disk

C) Density

D) Double

E) Delicious

The answer: A) Dynamic

In Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory, the dynamic part refers to the constant refreshing of the memory that must occur to maintain the charge in the memory capacitors. Without constant refreshing, dynamic memory would quickly “forget about” the contents.

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The CompTIA A+ certification requires extensive knowledge of memory packages, pin counts, and memory functions. In this module, we’ll step through each memory package and describe the progression of the different memory types through the years. We’ll discuss packages such as DIMM, RIMM, SODIMM, and MicroDIMM, and we’ll also detail memory types such as SRAM, SDRAM, RDRAM, DDR, and DDR2.

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