What is the name of this device?

You’ve removed the cover of your computer to examine the CPU, but you can’t see anything because of the large metal block attached to the top of the chip. The metal block is flat where it attaches to the CPU and has long thin fins that extend away from the processor. What is this odd looking piece of metal called?

A) Thermal paste

B) On-chip fan

C) Liquid cooling pump

D) Heat sink

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  1. How do you hook up the Liquid cooling pump? The pump outside of the caes or is it in the case.
    Will it ever leak out of the pipes and how easy to put one in. Do you have any on your computers? A lap top computer is not the bestone to get the hot air out of it. I have a cooling pad with two fans running. You should of told how to check the heat of the computer and what tool to use when checking the heat. The biso will will control the amount of heat and will turn off the computer, Right?
    I do enjoy your video files very much.


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