What is the professional thing to do?

A client stops by your office with a broken laptop, and he’s clearly upset over the problems that he’s having. The volume of his voice is becoming increasingly loud, his hands are in constant motion, and he’s speaking very quickly. What would be a good next step?

A) Increase the volume and pitch of your voice to match the client

B) Clarify from the beginning that the problems are not your fault

C) Listen quietly while taking notes and ask more detailed questions

D) Quickly contradict any technical errors made by the client

The answer: C) Listen quietly while taking notes and ask more detailed questions

Our job as technicians often becomes one of counselor. Technical issues can be very stressful, especially when there’s a big project on the line or deadlines are close. If you take a mental step backwards and look at the situation from a “big picture” perspective, you can often find some unique ways to diffuse the situation, solve the problem, or find a workaround.

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