What kind of memory do you need?

You’re planning to upgrade the memory in a desktop system from 512MB to 2GB. What’s the best way to determine the type of memory that you’ll need?

A) All desktop memory has essentially identical specifications

B) Use the same memory modules as any other desktop system

C) Consult the manufacturer’s documentation for the memory specifications

D) Purchase the fastest memory possible and you won’t have problems

The answer: C) Consult the manufacturer’s documentation for the memory specifications

Memory is a very particular component, and it’s a critical piece of your computer that’s used more than almost any other component. You want to be sure you’re getting exactly the right kind of memory, and the best source of this information is the manufacturer of your computer or the manufacturer of your motherboard. Most web sites that sell memory will also have memory identification wizards, but you want to double-check the results of the web sites with the manufacturer’s documentation before you order.

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