What kind of printer is this?

July 18, 2009

The marketing department has ordered a new printer that they plan on using for their colorful advertising layouts. This printer uses solid panels of ink colors on a single ribbon, and prints by transferring the colors to the paper using heat. The printer provides fantastic color output, but doesn’t have a true black color. What kind of printer is this?

A) Dot matrix

B) Laser

C) Ink jet

D) Dye-sublimation

The answer: D) Dye-sublimation

Dye-sublimation printers are very useful when you need colorful output, but they have a limited size and waste a good bit of ink due to their layered coloring of a page.

The incorrect answers:

A) Dot matrix
Dot matrix printers use small metal pins to imprint a page through an ink ribbon.

B) Laser
Laser printers also use heat, but they don’t use a ribbon of colors to transfer their image.

C) Ink jet
Ink jet printers are very efficient in their use of color, since they only spray the necessary colored liquid ink onto the page.

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