What technology makes one CPU look like two?

September 3, 2009

Which Intel technology is designed as a single CPU, but appears to the operating system as two separate processors?

A) Dual-core

B) Caching

C) Hyper-threading

D) SpeedStep

The answer: C) Hyper-threading

Intel introduced hyper-threading in the Pentium 4 processor, and found around a 30% speed improvement over non-hyper-threaded processors of similar speeds.

The incorrect answers:

A) Dual-core
Dual-core processors actually have multiple CPU “cores” inside of a single CPU package, each working as independent CPUs.

B) Caching
A CPU cache is fast memory that sits on and/or near the CPU to increase the speed of requests. Multiple requests for the same information can be retrieved from fast cache memory instead of slower system RAM.

D) SpeedStep
Intel’s SpeedStep technology is used in portable systems to slow down the CPU when the computer gets too hot.

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Modern technological advancements in CPU manufacturing have resulted in amazing increases in processing speed, but they’ve also introduced more complex computing architectures. In this module, we’ll discuss advanced features and technologies that have been integrated into today’s most popular CPUs.

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