What tool can diagnose power connections?

September 6, 2009

One of the computers in your lab is having problems with power, and you suspect that the issue is related to the voltage provided at the power outlet. What tool can help you diagnose the exact voltage at the outlet and inside the computer?

A) Surge suppressor


C) Circuit tester

D) Multimeter

The answer: D) Multimeter

With the multimeter’s probes, you can check the power from an outlet, inside of a computer, or anywhere in-between.

The incorrect answers:
A) Surge suppressor
A surge suppressor can sometimes provide basic power information, but most suppressors have no visual feedback.

Many mid-range uninterruptable power supplies can provide statistics on the power input from the outlet, but they don’t have any visibility into the power inside of the computer.

C) Circuit tester
A circuit tester is a simple red/yellow/green diagnostics tool for power outlets that can tell you if an outlet is working. Unfortunately, they usually can’t tell you about the quality of the power going through the circuit.

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Troubleshooting power problems with personal computers goes well beyond the power cord. In this module, we’ll show you how to use a circuit tester and multimeter to troubleshoot power on the motherboard , the PC components, and the power outlets themselves. You’ll also learn about power protection systems and the process for installing a PC power supply.

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