What was that error again?

August 2, 2009

During the startup process of one of your computers, an error message appears in the middle of the screen with a generic error code and message. The error does not identify the application that caused the message, and there are so many applications launching during startup that it’s difficult to know exactly which one is causing this message to appear. The rest of the Windows startup process operates normally and the computer works as expected. Where is the best place to get more information about this error message?

A) Device Manager

B) Event Viewer

C) Windows Explorer

D) Recovery Console

The answer: B) Event Viewer

Error messages during startup are often logged in the event viewer. You’ll find a lot of detailed information about application startup, services, and other system information.

The incorrect answers:

A) Device Manager
The device manager provides real-time information on hardware device operation, but it doesn’t keep a log of what happened during the startup process.

C) Windows Explorer
The Windows Explorer is useful for browsing files, but it won’t help with the information gathering process.

D) Recovery Console
The Windows Recovery Console will help you troubleshoot major operating system problems and restore critical operating system files.

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