What’s the best way to clean motherboard components?

Which of these options should not be used to clean a motherboard?

A) Remove large dust collections with a vacuum

B) Use air to blow out smaller layers of dust

C) Use a brush to dislodge dust

D) Use your finger to dislodge dust from smaller components

5 thoughts on “What’s the best way to clean motherboard components?”

  1. Seems as this is wrong as you could add ESD and also might break off some small parts from the MB. I usually use a Blower outside if there is a lot of Dust. Where I work we use a blower call Big Red. http://www.mastercraftusa.com/bigred.php

    Though on the test the answer might be canned air. Due to the fact most are blowing out systems in an office space and do not want air blown all over the place.

    Just my 2 Cents.


  2. Is that the correct answer? I would have thought dry paint brush. Using your finger would be the last option.

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