What’s the best way to transport an adapter card?

You are moving a video card between computers located on different floors of a building. What’s the best way to protect the video adapter during transportation between the systems?.

A) Wrap the adapter card in bubble-wrap

B) No special protection is required for moving the adapter such a small distance

C) Place the adapter inside a box or folder so that the contacts cannot be accidentally touched

D) Place the adapter in an anti-static bag

E) Hide the adapter card inside of a cake and sneak it through security

The answer: D) Place the adapter in an anti-static bag

The anti-static bag is the best way to be sure that no electrostatic discharge could create a problem when moving the adapter between systems. When a component is not inside of a computer, it should always be stored inside of an anti-static bag. Placing the adapter inside of bubble wrap might protect it when shipping, but even then you will want to first place the adapter inside of an anti-static bag.

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