Where can you get application memory utilization information?

You’re running a new application on your computer, and you’re concerned that the application may be using more RAM than you were expecting. Which utility can provide you with real-time memory utilization information?

A) Device Manager

B) Task Manager

C) Windows Registry

D) Event Viewer

The answer: B) Task Manager

The Task Manager is a fantastic real-time resource of memory use, CPU utilization, application activity, and many other real-time statistics. You can also start and stop applications from the Task Manager. You can start the Task Manager by right-clicking in an empty area of the taskbar, and select Task Manager. You can also type Ctrl+Alt+Delete and choose Task Manager, or (my favorite) use the shortcut of Ctrl-Shift-Esc.

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There are numerous utilities that can assist with the diagnosing of problems in the Windows operating system. In this video, we’ll work with the Task Manager, Device Manager, Event Viewer, MSCONFIG utility, Remote Desktop, System File Checker, Registry Editor, and demonstrate the features of the Computer Management console.

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