Where’s my memory?

You’ve recently upgraded the RAM modules in a personal computer by adding an additional 1 GB stick of memory to increase the amount of available memory from 1 GB to 2 GB. However, when rebooting the system you find that the computer will only recognize the original 1 GB of memory. What might be a cause of this problem? Pick the two best answers.

A) The new RAM module isn’t properly seated into the memory slot

B) The additional RAM module speed is too slow for the motherboard

C) The RAM drivers aren’t yet configured in the operating system

D) The new RAM module specifications are incorrect

2 thoughts on “Where’s my memory?”

  1. Are the questions on these pop quizzes to reflect the difficult of the questions on the actual exam? Does the actual exam make attempts to trick you with intentionally ambiguous wording?

    1. Jody –

      My goal isn’t to duplicate the experience of the exam, but I do want to bring together some of the thought processes required when answering the exam questions. For example, this question not only requires that you know the details of installing memory, but also the process of troubleshooting the installation of a memory module. I also try to make sure the questions and answers are very clear, just like the CompTIA exams.

      One of the advantages we have to this online format is that it can be changed and improved at any time. What parts of the question or answers do you feel are ambiguous? If you’d like to leave a private message, just click the “Contact Us” link at the top of any page.

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