Where’s the printer?

The marketing department has just received their new printer and plugged in into a Windows XP system with a USB cable. However, when they try to print for the first time they don’t see the new printer in their list of available output devices. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

A) The printer driver hasn’t been installed

B) The printer is not powered on

C) The printer is out of paper

D) The printer is out of ink

1 thought on “Where’s the printer?”

  1. I’m not disputing the answer but I allways check the very simple things like “is it plugged it” first. And I’m sure that the Prof would agree. Sometimes it only takes a a second or two to verify if power is applied. Back in the mid 80’s me and some other techs were troubleshooting a radar simulator. We were running diagnostics and swapping out circuit cards all night. Then one of the lead techs stopped by to see what we were doing. He did a quick check of the power supply circuit breakers and found that one of the breakers for a card rack had tripped. Lesson learned.

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