Which command line utility can decompress files?

You need to copy a file from the Windows installation media, but the contents of the install DVD contain Microsoft’s compressed files. What command line utility allows you to decompress the files that are stored on the installation media?

A) uncompress.exe

B) expand.exe

C) unzip.exe

D) extract.exe

The answer: B) expand.exe

Microsoft’s expand utility can be used to uncompress individual files or entire cabinet (.CAB) files.

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2 thoughts on “Which command line utility can decompress files?”

  1. Hi

    This question confused me. I’ve completed the OS section of the A+ before being directed to your site by my tutor to aid in understanding some of the subjects. I was told that Extract.exe is a file management option that can be used to manually extract compressed cabinet(CAB) files from the installation disk. So when I clicked answer above to find its ‘Expand.exe’ I was confused. Obviously I don’t want to answer incorrectly if this comes up in the exam.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. You’re not going crazy. In the Windows 95 timeframe, the name of the utility was called extract.exe. These days, the utility has been updated and it’s now called expand.exe. If you get a question on the test, they’ll be referencing the latest expand.exe utility.

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