Which motherboard has the largest footprint?

Of these motherboard types, which one has the largest footprint?

A) microBTX



D) microATX

E) Motherboards don’t have feet

3 thoughts on “Which motherboard has the largest footprint?”

  1. The NLX looks like it has a larger footprint then the ATX. The NLX is longer but is less wide. I wonder why you chose the ATX to have a larger footpront over the NLX.

      1. On your your 602 video about motherboard form factor you have the dimensions for the NLX as 340x230mm and the ATX as 325x267mm.

        NLX = 340×230 = 78,200
        ATX = 305X244 = 74,420

        Is this a newer update then what is on that video?
        I know BTX was not one of the answers but it looks like that has the largest footprint of them all.

        Thank you for taking the time to answer these question.

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