Why can’t my computer see my new memory modules?

You’ve recently upgraded the memory in your computer from 1 GB to 2 GB by removing two 512 MB memory modules and replacing them with two 1 GB memory modules. However, when you boot the computer it beeps and no error messages are shown on the screen. Which one of these would not be a troubleshooting option for this kind of issue?

A) Run a software diagnostics on the memory to test for errors

B) Check the memory module documentation to confirm compatibility with your motherboard

C) Confirm that the memory is installed properly

D) Confirm that the memory is installed into the correct slots

1 thought on “Why can’t my computer see my new memory modules?”

  1. Hmm, I got this one wrong. The way the question is worded, I got the impression that since the problem happened after an upgrade, the computer booted, it wasn’t a long beep, and no error messages were displayed, I should suspect that one of the modules is simply not being seen.

    I selected ‘D’ because ‘C’ already confirms the module is installed properly (I interpreted ‘properly’ as correctly). I also didn’t think you could put the wrong form factor module in an incorrect slot. Granted, I did remember you mentioning some mb’s require memory modules be installed in specific slots if not all slots are used. Am I wrong in my thought process? Maybe it should read “when you try to power up the computer” instead of “when you boot the computer”?

    BTW, thank you so much for these clases. I feel I’m ready to go take my test as soon as I finish the Networking and Security lessons! Thank you!

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