Why can’t you copy this large file?

You’ve been asked to backup a large video file that is just over 5 gigabytes of disk space. You have a new empty 500 gigabyte external USB hard drive to store the backup file. However, when you try to copy the file to the empty USB drive, you get an error message that there’s not enough disk space to complete the file transfer. What’s the most likely cause of this error?

A) USB connections can’t support large file transfers

B) The new USB drive is faulty

C) The video file is corrupted

D) The USB drive is formatted with a FAT32 file system

4 thoughts on “Why can’t you copy this large file?”

  1. I have been collecting professormesser questions.
    How long can we keep them before they no longer connect back to the questions/answers page?

  2. So funny that by trying to copy a file over 4gig you would get this error message. I could never figure this out until I searched the net for “max file size fat32”. Years ago this caused me all kinds of stress. (side note) Now with PS3 it can have the same problems, as far as I know the PS3 likes the FAT32 file system as well. Grant

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