Why is your CPU so hot?

You’ve been monitoring your computer, and you’ve found that the temperature of your CPU is running very hot even though your computer is showing very low CPU utilization. Which of these options would be the most likely cause of this issue?

A) The CPU is faulty

B) The video card is producing excessive heat

C) The computer cooling fans are blocked or faulty

D) The memory modules are faulty

E) We’ve secretly replaced your CPU with Folgers coffee

The answer: C) The computer cooling fans are blocked or faulty

One of the most common problems with cooling a computer is related to the airflow through the computer. If your CPU is overheating, cleaning the computer’s air vents will usually resolve the issue as long as the CPU fans and internal computer case fans are working properly.

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Personal computers must be constantly cooled to ensure the system runs at peak efficiency. Without appropriate cooling in place, the computer’s life expectancy is shortened and in extreme cases the computer will halt due to overheating of the components. In this video, you’ll learn how computers are cooled through heat sinks, on-board fans, computer case fans, and liquid cooling systems.