Why is your printer output so difficult to see?

One of your customers has been using a new laser printer in their office for about month. Although the printer has been providing clear and sharp output, over the course of the last week the printouts have become very faded over the entire page. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

A) The voltage to the laser printer is low

B) The laser printer is low on toner

C) The laser printer’s optical drum is damaged

D) The laser printer memory is faulty

2 thoughts on “Why is your printer output so difficult to see?”

  1. According to the question, the customer has been using the printer for “about a month”. It’s already out of toner? Misleading though, admitedley, it is possible to go through a toner cartridge in a month, who really does?

    1. Jason –

      There are some office printers that go through many toner cartridges in a month, especially if they are in constant use over the network. It’s not this way with all printers, but after a month of use you should certainly consider low toner as one of your possibilities.

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