Why is your queue stuck?

You’ve printed a number of documents and presentations to your printer, but none of the print jobs have started to print. You don’t see any error messages on the printer, and Windows isn’t complaining of any issues. What is the most likely reason for this glut of non-printing documents?

A) The cable to the printer is not connected

B) The printer is out of ink

C) The printer’s paper tray is empty

D) The print spooler is faulty

E) The printer is very, very tired.

The answer: D) The print spooler is faulty

The print spooler is a software service that runs in the background, and its primary responsibility is sending print jobs from the queue to the printer. If the print spooler isn’t working properly, the print jobs will sit quietly in the queue and the printer will never know there’s something to be printed. To resolve the issue, you can usually restart the Spooler service in Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services.

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