Why is your signal strength so low?

You’ve just installed a mini-PCI 802.11g wireless adapter into a laptop, but you are having difficulty maintaining a constant network connection. Upon checking the signal strength, you find that the signal is barely registering even when the laptop is next to the access point. What is the most likely cause of this issue?

A) The mini-PCI card is not compatible with this laptop model

B) The antenna cable is not properly connected to the mini-PCI card

C) The mini-PCI adapter is not configured with the correct drivers

D) The mini-PCI adapter is 802.11g and the access point is 802.11b

E) It’s all ball bearings these days

The answer: B) The antenna cable was not properly connected to the mini-PCI card

If the wireless adapter card is working but the signal is weak, the problem is usually associated with the antenna. Attaching or reseating the antenna usually solves the issue.

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