A History of CPUs

The history of the modern CPU is a mix of technical prognostication, very smart people, and a drive to expand on our vision of the future. In this module, we’ll follow the path of CPU technology from the origin of the Pentium through the latest in processing technologies from Intel and AMD.

4 thoughts on “A History of CPUs”

  1. Oh my, there are so far 15 different types of processors you’ve covered. I particulary enjoyed the way you broke down how each processor works, and which processors are best used for which purposes i.e, Intel’s value line is the Celeron. Alot to remember for sure.

  2. Anselmo Diaz Valiente

    As always, another amazing video from Prof. Messer.
    Has anyone noticed how other videos (including many that you have to pay for), often feature people who don’t seem to be nearly half as articulate as James?, not to mention those in which the narrator is actually just that, and cannot distinguish between RAM and ROM.
    Cheers! I’ll be taking my A+ in August. 🙂

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