Basic Windows OS Functionality

The Windows operating system is the core operating system used for the CompTIA A+ exam, so it’s important to understand the basic functionality of the user interface, the most common desktop icons, and some of the tools you’ll need to maintain personal computers. In this video, we’ll take you on a tour of some basic Windows operating system features and some OS tools that you’ll use often as a CompTIA A+ certified professional.

2 thoughts on “Basic Windows OS Functionality”

  1. OH ok I like the name of your work group and so would Colonel Carter and General O’ Neil. but thank you for this video and it really does alot to clarify what i have been reading from the comptia books I have reading

  2. i was wondering when the exam questions you to a location using the start menu, are they assuming you are in clasic veiw or category veiw or do you need to know both. good job.

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