Common Operational Issues

Windows is a great operating system, but it isn’t foolproof. If you’ve ever needed to troubleshoot the infamous blue screen of death, random operating system lockups, device problems, or application errors, this video should help you through some of these more common operational issues.

5 thoughts on “Common Operational Issues”

  1. Professor Messer, therotically what is the difference between last known good config and system restore? are they both basically doing the same thing?.Thank you again for your free great service.


    1. Well, If you will be observing it, the diffrence between Last known good configuration and system restore, is that “Last Known Good Configuration” is an option for a Windows user to start the Windows operating system to a state where the Boot Process was successfully completed (It means from the time the Windows User was able to reach the desktop where the icons are displaying) without having the option to go back to a specific date, however, System Restore is an option for the Windows user to make the PC to start on it’s previous state by having the option to select the date when he/she want it to go back to.

    1. Paul – If you’re system is frozen, then you’ll have to reboot and hope for the best. Once the system is back up, you can check the Event Log to see if anything interesting was written. If the system won’t start, then checking the Event Log isn’t really an option… 🙁

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