CompTIA A+ Training Course Introductory Module

This is an overview video for Professor Messer’s Free CompTIA A+ Certification Training Course, the industry’s first free video-based training for the CompTIA A+ certification. In this introductory module, you’ll learn about Professor Messer, the format of the training course, and our goal for building a community of A+ certified professionals. You’ll also learn about the history of CompTIA, the advantages of an A+ certification, the exam categories, and best practices to use when taking the CompTIA A+ certification exam at your testing center.

36 thoughts on “CompTIA A+ Training Course Introductory Module”

  1. Sebastian Popescu

    This is it ! I know now that there is hope.
    Prof. Messer is amazing.
    Thank you again. I will be following up with your course.

  2. This is amazing .. thank you so much for providing this free
    service , being poor I really want to improve my life by taking a course , however I do not posses the money needed to pay for school , or the time to commit .

    thank you from me and my family , and know that your changing at least one life with your efforts .

    Nice to finally see someone that isn’t all about the money πŸ™‚

  3. This is great!!! A free way to learn valuable information in the IT field! I couldn’t be more grateful!! Thanks so much!!!

    Also I think that you should state while your cert training program is free, the actual cert IS NOT lol well in most instances it isn’t. I I believe the armed services has a voucher, but I think you have to be actually in service. Either way I think you should put the typical price you’re expected to pay for the cert in this overview, just my 2Β’ . Thanks again!

  4. thx soooo much i am a single mom of 3 and i struggle and i wanted to further my education at least to find a btr job than min wage thx for making class free you are grrrrrrrreattt!!!!!!

  5. Ah, you don’t have to worry about low res on your videos. 640×480 is more than enough, especially since I’ve grown accustom to watching 320×240 videos provided by universities. πŸ™‚

  6. Very nice introduction. I do hope these videos will help. Learning on the job can be difficult because many things do not get addressed at times or often.
    The cost of the classes and the test can be prohibitive. You do have to pay for the test (apx. $163 each section, meaning $326 each try depending on who from and where you take it); and for each additional time you take it.
    FYI: the test is supposed to be updated and changed August 1, 2009. I am glad you will update your videos and learning tools as needed. Thank you for your help.

  7. dear prof messer,

    i studied using your online A+ study. I pass my A+ essential.

    thank you so much.

    i still be using your module for A+ technician and network +

    i want to be really know more detail for hardware and networking knowledge.

    what do you suggest me to read more? I am reading indespensable PC hardware by hans petter messmer (borrowed from library). and PC BIOS.


  8. Dear Professor Messer,

    I have been watching your videos and haven’t finish but I love them. I took a class at MDC in Miami but your videos are better. I want to take the essential test after I review everything again and I will be going through your videos again. I get nervous when I take a test plus if they are timing you I get really nervous. Do you think you have time to answer the questions on the time they give you?

  9. Gary from Jamaica

    Holy Wow!! I hope you live long and prosper for providing such material for FREEE!!
    Do more for other courses please (Network+, CCNA, etc)

  10. Great into. Very comprehensive. I also like that you can forward thru things that you are really familiar with. I enjoy your professionalism (no profanity or crassness).

  11. This is an amazing idea. I have to say this video was very top-notch and detailed. Perfect study guide.

  12. This course is an answer to a prayer. Is there an IT sainthood? I’m sure this will help me pass my tests.

    Thank you so much


  13. This is excellent!! I’m going to use the videos as my study aid. the books will be a back up. Thanks Professor!!

  14. Thank you so much for your dedication! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge both pratical and career. I am blessed to have found this website. I am looking to change careers and have always enjoyed working with computers. I was the go to person in my family. Now I am truly learning what it takes to do this for a living. Thank you, thank you.

  15. Thank you very much for this intro video. I was completely in the dark about the A+ certification exam and I see that it’s nothing to be feared despite that I am a student majoring in CIS haha.

  16. Hi Professor Messer,

    I really appreciate your time and effort in doing this videos. I am planning to take the A+ certification next year. This is an excellent resource.


  17. This is VERY informative. It seems as though I am actually in a classroom with a professor who trully cares for him students. Thanks

  18. I thank you soooo much for this video. I am currently a hardware technician in SRI LANKA & now i am going to study for the A+ essentials exam & your videos are a great help.

    Thank you for your time

  19. Just as everyone has said, this is AWESOME! I’m just now starting to learn and these videos have helped so much. I’m not near as ignorant as I was. You are a great Man. You are helping so many of us. And, helping change so many lives. I just want to thank you for all that you do and have done!

  20. Not many people in this world think to provide such this useful course, I have seen many courses on line for money but this is one best examples i have seen.

    you are a unique person, and I hope every body who learnt from you to think to follow your steps.

  21. Wish I had found your site before paying $900.00 for another online course. Now I will have two courses to prepare for the exam.

  22. Thank you very much, professor. =) You don’t find much quality educational things like this for free. It’s great for people who learn visually and/or those on tight budgets especially. These videos are better than a lot of the online courses and videos you actually do have to pay for.

  23. God bless you Professor Messer. I am in the middle of a career shift and decided to try again the IT field. Being in between jobs makes it hard to invest in the course but you are God sent.

    Thank you again.

  24. I have just watched the first introductory video and am so glad that I found this site. I have been in the computer industry for a number of years and worked in several area of the industry, but have never gotten certified. I am currently looking for a job and will use this time to watch the videos and see about getting certified. This is a great service that you are offering and I plan to take full advantage of this opportunity. Thank you very much!!!!

  25. After three months enrolled in a $9,000 A+1 trng. program at a Mentor oriented, world-wide training school, I’ve learned more from you in just three days. It was easier to comprehend and remember. I’ll be with you all the way!

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