Configuring RAID

RAID technology provides organizations around the world with real-time redundancy of important data. In this video, we’ll show you how RAID works and we’ll discuss the different configuration options for RAID. We’ll also provide some hands-on detail with a live demonstration of the RAID configuration process in Microsoft Windows.

4 thoughts on “Configuring RAID”

  1. Now I’m getting into the meat of things. It’s good to know that RAID O can only be used on WIN XP, and RAID on server products. Thanks for simplicity.

  2. Lolo,

    I wouldn’t say that “RAID 0 can only be used on WIN XP”

    I think you meant “WIN XP can only use RAID 0”

    There are other OS’s that can use RAID 0 but XP can’t take advantage of other RAID formats. I’m not sure if it can if you use hardware instead of software though.

  3. Hi Messer,

    Thanks for posting this videos on RAID and configuring them. I never knew the differences before.

    Much appreciated!

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