Connectors and Adapters

Every personal computer cable connector is designed to provide a specific function, and some of these capabilities have changed dramatically through the years. In this video, you’ll learn about standard computer connectors and how to use cable adapters to change gender, connect serial connections, or extend network connections.

2 thoughts on “Connectors and Adapters”

  1. Professor Messer,

    I have an old computer without any usb connections. There are files on the hard drive I would like to migrate to a newer computer. Is there a serial to usb adapter cable that would allow me to plug in an external hard drive to the older machine? I hate to add a USB expansion card to an old computer I’m not going to use any longer.
    An alternate solution I thought of is putting the old drive in an external enclosure sort of converting it to an external hard drive. What do you think?


  2. Just take out your drive and slave it in your new system. Transfer your data and then replace your old drive back. Many times to save time I just use the IDE2 on my newer system, where the CD drive is and you would not have to slave.

    My 2 cents


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