Diagnostic Utilities and Tools

There are numerous utilities that can assist with the diagnosing of problems in the Windows operating system. In this video, we’ll work with the Task Manager, Device Manager, Event Viewer, MSCONFIG utility, Remote Desktop, System File Checker, Registry Editor, and demonstrate the features of the Computer Management console.

3 thoughts on “Diagnostic Utilities and Tools”

  1. Everything seemed to be explained very well, my only question was about Remote Desktop Connections. I am sure it is touched in the Networking videos, but that was not said. You have done a great job explaining how to get to each operation in this module with this one exception.

    I have watch every video in order, and consider myself very good at continuity. If I notice anything else I will try to make a note for your new updates in 2009.

    Thank you once again for everything.

  2. very good, enjoyed the infomation much better then reading it in the book. It would be nice to see how it works relating to the test of A+ when it comes to the questions. You have to be very careful when making the correct answer to the question on the test.

  3. Great section. I just completed a fixboot from my cmd console. The reason was, on start I recived the message “Primary Drive Not Found” and the system stopped. It would sit with that message on the old black screen. Ultimatly it was the boot sector on the hard drive. The worst part is I had to figure it out own my own. I only viewed this section of the videos after the fact.

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