Expansion Slots

The expansion slots are the most modular part of the PC motherboard, but what are all of these different standards? This module will walk you through the most popular expansion slot bus types, such as PCI, PCIe, and AGP. Some older technologies, such as AMR and CNR will also be detailed.

5 thoughts on “Expansion Slots”

  1. Wait…so what does the PCI actually do? The video talked a lot about the different speeds and such, but never actually covered the purpose of the PCI in the computer…

  2. This video has been the most informative so far. I knew a bit about computers before starting this tutorial series, but you’ve really taken it deeper. I feel empowered knowing more about bus architecture and expansion slots. Thanks a ton Professor Messer!

  3. I will have to take some time to understand the speeds in this module, but there sure are alot of different Expansion slots to consider. PCI32 bit, PCI 64bit expansion cards. PCIe is probably good for gaming.

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