Input Devices

For your computer to do anything, it first has to know where to start. Fortunately, our personal computers have many ways of getting information into the system so that processing can begin. In this CompTIA A+ video module, we’ll show you some of the most common input methods and some specialty input devices.

2 thoughts on “Input Devices”

  1. Do fingerprint readers contain thermal sensors to insure it is actually a finger? I have seen movies that take fingerprints from a glass and transplant them onto rubber gloves. I think that is just movie legend but if someone cut your finger off, with thermal readers, it would be able to tell if the blood supply was flowing by the temperature of the finger. Just curious to know if they are print and thermal or just print.

  2. I hate that…working in an internet support centre last year, the customers would question their upload/download speed and would call it megabites per second and it of course was megabits per second which is 8 times less than mega bites…no wonder they were getting less internet speed than they were expecting.

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