Installing and Troubleshooting Computer Power

Troubleshooting power problems with personal computers goes well beyond the power cord. In this module, we’ll show you how to use a circuit tester and multimeter to troubleshoot power on the motherboard , the PC components, and the power outlets themselves. You’ll also learn about power protection systems and the process for installing a PC power supply.

7 thoughts on “Installing and Troubleshooting Computer Power”

  1. I am wondering about the power suppy connector at 14:00. You plugged in a 20 pin atx connector into a 24 pin port. Would your motherboard recieve an inadequate amount of power?

    1. David –

      For the motherboard in the video, I had the option of using a power supply with either 20 or 24 pins. You’ll want to check your motherboard documentation to determine which power connector is appropriate for your requirements.

  2. Under the module “Installing and troubleshooting Computer Power” under the slide entitled “Power Outlets” in defining the Hot connection You said that its always wired with a black cable, whereas in the next slide displaying your multimeter you have the Red cable inserted in the hot connection in order to register the voltage, Im pretty sure I misunderstood the black cable there somewhere, Im just wondering if you can clarify it for me, by the way , I would like to thank you for your coarse, going thru economic hardships lately, your coarse has been very welcomed in my pursuit to be certified, I hope your generousity pays off in the end, Thanx again.
    Sincerely Surge

    1. Sergio –

      If we were to look behind the wall, you’d see that the hot connection was wired with a black colored wire. When you’re using a multimeter, the colors of the cables that aren’t necessarily that important (other than as a point of reference).

  3. That polarity/ground tester is one of my favorite tools…I can’t begin to tell you the many times in troubleshooting the problem begins right there. And if it does make sure that the branch is de-energized before inspecting it further or call a licensed electrician to take care of it for you. When it comes to electricity I leave nothing to chance…

  4. So I am moving to Tampa soon. Do you just always unplug you computers during Florida thunderstorms?

    Those storms seem so unpredictable as to when they come and and go through out the day. Do you just use a very good surge protector?

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