Installing Windows 2000

Windows 2000 is still found in some of the largest networks in the world, so it’s important that a CompTIA A+ certified professional is comfortable supporting every aspect of this operating system. In this video, you’ll learn the requirements for a Windows 2000 installation and watch as we walk through a live Windows 2000 installation. After the installation is complete, we’ll verify a successful installation and discuss important post-installation steps.

6 thoughts on “Installing Windows 2000”

  1. if your don’t mind professor , I have found the program that you are using here , however I cannot find the O.S software that you run . could you possibly point me in the right direction ?

    1. It has become increasingly difficult to locate an available license of Windows 2000. If you look around on eBay, you might manage to find a valid license. Or not.

      1. I think he refers to the os for virtual box.
        I too have virtual box, but where do I get the iso’s to load the OS on virual box ? or should that be original physical CD or disks

  2. Professor,

    Thanks so much for providing this course. At this point I have not missed a module yet. This is a great service and one that even if you are just a regular user interested in knowinfg how your PC works, this is a great resource. You do a very good job in explaining the lingo and the logic of the course is comprehendable to someone just starting out.

    Thanks so much for your efforts. They are very much appreciated!


  3. this course work is very nice. i am enjoying it so much I’ve watched 16 hours worth in about 4-5 days.(a lot for my schedule)

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