Introduction to Printers and Scanners

What’s the difference between an inkjet printer and a laser printer? How does a thermal printer work? How is a flatbed scanner different than a drum scanner? Get these answers and much more in this CompTIA A+ training video on printers, scanners, and all-in-one devices!

6 thoughts on “Introduction to Printers and Scanners”

  1. Excellent resource. Two years since I attended training course, and due to sit exam later this week. Your videos have been invaluable to me in my “cramming” session. Thank you so much.

  2. A great bravo professor!

    In Just minutes I learned what I did not in days!

    The most useful information presented in a neat, clear and succinct way.

    I’m a fan and I’ll spread the word

    Thank you Professor

  3. nice simple explanation of a lazer printer. my last 2 printers have been inkjet printers. i have them both setup with bulk ink systems which drastically reduces the price of printing. maybe not on the exam, but is nice for your readers to know to pick an inkjet printer that has an bulk ink system available from 3rd party companies when picking a inkjet.

  4. Prof Messer,

    Your teaching is beyond comparison. You make difficult technology seamlessly easy to understand.

    Thanks so much for the explanations. I learnt a lot from these technology in this video.

    Much Appreciated and keep the good work always.


  5. Ive been studying the in’s and out of lazer printers on and off for months and the discription you use to describe the process along with the pictures as you go through the steps of how it works is really eye opening. The wiping clean of the drum first, the negative charge on the drum so that the lazer beam can draw its image into it and the ink is attracted to the parts which arnt nagatively charged anymore on the drum due to the lazer writting the image onto the negative charge…its a really good explaination.

    Your the top A+ teacher Mr Messor!

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