Motherboard I/O Connections

All motherboards have input and output ports on the back, but what do all those connections mean? In this module, we’ll turn the PC around and show you exactly how each port works and how to instantly recognize the most common input and output connections.

3 thoughts on “Motherboard I/O Connections”

  1. hey thanks very much for doing this it is very nice of you and very informative,,,,great instructional video

  2. Wow, there sure are alot of different ports on a motherboard. The color coding helps to identify some of them. Now I have to remember what the USB, DVI, NIC, IEEE 1394/Firewire port looks like. My printer is old so I use the Parellel port.

  3. Thanks so much for doing this. I am 3 days away from my 220-602 and 220-603 tests….I was so lost. All of these videos are helping me out massively.

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