Printing and Scanning: Components, Consumables, and Interfaces

What are the major components of your printer, and what do you need to keep it running? In this video, we’ll show you key features of printer drivers, how memory is used by printers, and how printers and scanners feed paper. We’ll also detail printer consumables and methods of connecting to printers and scanners over local and remote interfaces.

3 thoughts on “Printing and Scanning: Components, Consumables, and Interfaces”

  1. i see you did mention bulk ink here. i commented on the last section about mentioning this system. good job. BTW they also come with the full aftermarket cartridges which are programmed to reset automatically so you don’t get the message that your ink is depleted.

  2. You wrote “powered ink” instead of “powdered ink”

    Not a huge deal but figured I’d mention it if you want to fix it.

    I really like your videos though, they explain things very clearly. I’m going for my test in about 3 hours. I got the bulk of my knowledge through you. I’m feeling pretty confident. See how it goes.

    1. Update:

      I did excellent on the “A+” and I’m preparing for Net+ now. Thanks a ton, your videos were a huge part of me passing. You manage to make something that can be very dry entertaining enough to keep my interest.

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