Security Preventive Maintenance

The security of an organization is ultimately only as good as its people and its processes. In this video, we’ll discuss the importance of patching systems and training the user community. We’ll also learn about social engineering and discover ways to address social engineering situations.

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  1. Prof,
    I want to thank you for every thing that i have been able to know through you; including the free vedio clips and now your very practical questions that i have started receiving recently.

    I am currently studing for the A+ 601 exam, having already passed the 602 test. I look forward to your coaching and by that also look for to passing my exam. May GOD Almaighty bless you for your sacrificies to us the needy.


  2. I can not thank you enough, in about two weeks from now i am taking the comptia test but i have completed watching your vids and am looking forward to taking the exam but i am going to take sum practice exams out of the A+ for dummes comptia book that i have. Thank you again and i will let you know whether i passed or not.
    have a great day..

  3. Prof. Messer,

    Thank you so much for the amazing set of videos provided here, I am from Brazil and your videos did reach international boundaries and I took the A+ 601 yesterday and I got a 95%, thanks to you =)

    Now 602…

  4. I’m so grateful for the quality of work you have put to this set of videos. It as really improved me as I’m preparing for the A+ certifications. May God bless you mighty.

  5. Wow! What can I say but thank you. How about if I just put it this way. You not only fed me, you taught me how to fish and even gave me the fishing pole! How can that possibly be repaid? God bless you.

  6. Wow. I’m finally finished. I’m kinda sad because I’ve enjoyed learning from these modules so much. I am going to review these modules again before I set up to take the A+ Test.

    When I finally do get a job in the IT field, I will look out for these social engineering methods and take the necessary steps to avoid being taken for a loop.

  7. Hi Professor,
    thanks a lot for ALL your videos!
    I’ve watched all of the ‘old’ ones. Now I’ll start with the new ones (70X exams).

    I find them quite addictive, so I might watch the Security ones too.

    Hopefully I’ll get A+ certified this year.


  8. Hi professor. I piad 5 and a half thousand pounds to a company called computeach in the uk for a “home learning” MCP track which included CompTIA A+, MCDST, MCSA and MCSE. They provided me with 2 manuals which are not particularly great…(pictures are in black and white and are not entirely learner friendly because there is just pages and pages of info and nothing to keep your attention as a learner) and a username and password to a website of theres which has forums (which isnt bad, although could be a little better) and some interactive videos which are quite robotic and consist of drawn coloured pictures and some very minotinous tasks. I havent passed any of my CompTIA A+ exams yet. Then I came across your videos, colourful very well structured and well explained in each topic and youre doing this for FREE! I think you are great but I am very angry with Computeach UK for takin me for a mug! Ive got the MCDST next and thats if I get that far and then I have to use the half cocked materials that they provide me. My time as a student is running out with them because of the rubbish theyve provided me with. You though professor, I thank. You dont happen to do any MCDST learning videos do you?

  9. Professor
    Just wanted to sincerely thank you for providing these free A+ vidoes. I have studied 4 different A+ courses to get a better understanding overall & can genuinely say your free course to be the most comprehensive & easy to understand material I have come accross. The 601-2 exams are finishing very soon & I have booked my exam in 4 weeks, I now feel confident in passsing many thanks to you

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