The CompTIA A+ Toolbag

Every CompTIA A+ technology professional needs a tool bag with the right mix of diagnostic tools, specialty tools, and cleaning products. In this video, we’ll walk you through the must-have tools for everyday troubleshooting and preventive maintenance.

7 thoughts on “The CompTIA A+ Toolbag”

  1. David T from KSC, FL

    I would add an ESD strap and portable static mat in the tool bag. You will need a way to ground yourself when on a field service repair. ESD vacuums are usually all black in color. They are very handy with all the extra attachments. When using water to clean, use distilled (bottle) water. The
    impurities in the water can cause corrosion on components.
    You have a very nice video course and helping me with the other subjects. There is much to know…

    1. David T from KSC, FL

      Correction – The impurities in “TAP” water can cause corrosion on components. Distilled(bottle)water is the choice to use to prevent corrosion on components.

  2. Now, you see, I thought that canned air was good. Now I know better. Will get vacuum instead…non-static that is.

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