The Windows Boot Process

When most people start Windows, they see a graphical “splash” screen and a moving status bar. Under the surface, Windows is initializing hardware, loading configuration files, and handing off control to the Windows kernel. In this video, we’ll look at this process in-depth and review some utilities that can assist with troubleshooting the Windows startup process.

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  1. hi thanks for doing the videos they are a great help for me as i am 41 and re-skinning due to an illness. i am from ireland and i was a former fitter/welder but i cant return to it so i decided to enter the IT world as it was always a hobby. your vids answere a lot of questions for me. kep up the good work. sincerely yours michael

  2. Hi prof,
    Thanks for your excellent work. i am understanding my studies through your lectues than i’ve ever before. once again thanks.

  3. Watched the Vid’s back to front before the 601 examination, got the second highest in the room.

    No complaints by FAR.

    Working on the 602, playing the memory game for some of the difficult to remember processes.

    Thank you!

  4. awesome video, lots of information and very easy to understand. This free course is 10 times better then the a+ course I paid to take at the career institute I am attending! Thank you.

  5. Hey, I ust wanted to say you rock! I took and passed the 601, 602 is coming Friday. The daily pop quiz is a HUGE help with studying, and it helps build confidence that you know the answers and are ready for the test.


    What should I focus on for 602, Windows OS or hardware?

    Thanks again,


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