Upgrading to Windows 2000

Are you planning to upgrade an older Windows operating system to Windows 2000? Before you begin, there are a few things you should consider. In this video, we’ll discuss Windows 2000 upgrade paths, things to consider before you upgrade, and we’ll walk through a live Windows 2000 upgrade process together.

4 thoughts on “Upgrading to Windows 2000”

  1. Daniel G. Melendrez

    This particular video- upgrading to Win 2000- was out of sync. The video lagged behind the sound track. But I feel sure this is a result of the old video adapter I have.

    All of the various videos have been wonderfully instructive, and I’ve enjoyed the experience- keep up the good work. And thanks.

    1. Daniel –

      I just watched the video online, and the audio and video were properly synchronized. I suspect your computer or flash player version may have had a problem.

  2. This is a little off-topic for A+, but I was wondering if you were performing this upgrade on a virtual machine, and if not, is it possible to do so? I personally use VirtualBox on Ubuntu, and I know that the VMs are initially set to use a particular OS.

    1. Rob –

      I used virtual machines for all of my videos, especially those where I needed to install an OS, upgrade an OS, or change any hard drive configurations. I really like VirtualBox, and I also use Microsoft’s Virtual PC.

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