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Network+ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest Network+ exam version and when does it retire?

The latest version of the Network+ is the N10-008, and it was released on September 15, 2021. The retirement date for the N10-008 Network+ exam is December 20, 2024.

Once you pass your exam, you are Network+ certified for three years. The exam retirement date is only associated with the exam version and is not associated to anyone already Network+ certified.

How long does it take to study for the Network+ exam?

The amount of time required to study for the Network+ exam will vary based on an individual’s study habits, experience, and available training materials. The average for most students is about two to three months. The total time will depend on how long it takes to learn all of the information contained in the CompTIA Exam Objectives.

Does my Network+ certification expire?

Once you pass the Network+ exam, your certification will be valid for three years. You can always renew your certification for another three years, and the various methods for renewal are available on the CompTIA website.

Can I use study materials from a previous Network+ exam version?

There are significant changes between exam versions, and we highly recommend you only study from materials specifically written for the latest version of the exam.