Microsoft 70-680: 4.5 – Configuring Windows Firewall

The Windows Firewall is a powerful security feature that’s integrated into the Windows 7 operating system. In this video, you’ll learn the differences between the Windows Firewall and the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, configuring rules for multiple profiles, and creating custom firewall rules.

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft 70-680: 4.5 – Configuring Windows Firewall”

  1. You say we should not disable Windows firewall. Here at word we use a centralized firewall at the frontend of our intranet. We then disable the Windows firewall at the PCs. This allows us to have remote access, ping, etc. Are we doing it wrong?

    1. It’s a bit over-reaching to say you’re doing it “wrong,” but you’re certainly less secure. Most of your attacks are going to come from within, not from the Internet. Without a firewall on your computers, all of your devices are wide open on the inside of your network.

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