Professor Messer’s Free Microsoft 70-680 Certification Training

Professor Messer's Free Microsoft MCTS 70-680 Training CourseThis is the index to our entire series of free Microsoft 70-680 training course videos. All of our training videos are completely free; watch all of our videos online.
70-680 Course Notes

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43 Videos – Total Running Time: 13 hours, 8 minutes

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Section 1: Installing, Upgrading, and Migrating to Windows 7

Section 2: Deploying Windows 7

Section 3: Configuring Hardware and Applications

Section 4: Network Connectivity

Section 5: Resource Access

Section 6: Mobile Computing

Section 7: Monitoring and Maintaining Windows 7

Section 8: Backup and Recovery Options

19 thoughts on “Professor Messer’s Free Microsoft 70-680 Certification Training”

  1. I am new to your classes Professor and I am very happy to have found you, I will use your site to the fullest and with great apreciationnnThanks againnnCmaxtech

  2. Good Afternoon Professor Messer,nu00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher thanks to you i have my A+ Certification, Network + Certification, & just got my Microsoft Windows 7 Certification today. Just wanted to say thank you.

  3. Thanks so much fr all your help! I don’t know how I would get my 70-680 certification without your videos

  4. Thank you very much Professor Messer I have tried various course presenters and you are by far the best,  I find your style of teaching very easy to follow. Your work is greatly appreciated.

  5. I had the idea I was a Windows 7 expert, ha ha ha.
    I am not looking for a certification, watching your videos I will fill the gaps in my knowledge, this time I will be a Windows 7 expert for sure.
    Your videos are very clear, I can feel that you are a teacher, not just a certified trainer.
    Maybe the next training will be CompTIA Server+?
    Thank you very much Professor.

  6. Rochelle Helpdesk

    Thanks Professor Messer.  You are an EXCELLENT teacher and your videos are polished and superb.  Thanks for injecting your best practice and “real world” input as well.  I passed 70-680 and couldn’t have done it without these videos, thanks!

  7. Thank you professor, i have being searching for tutorial on 70-680 till i found your site. I am preparing for the exam and i believe your video will be very helpful. i have 70-640-642 and 643 already. Thanks so much.

  8. You are a professor in the real meaning ! I passed 70-680 last week. And I want to thank you for all your great videos.

  9. Hi Professor, First off I would like to say that you played a huge role in my passing of the A+, Net+ and Security+ exams. I would like to ask, since the Microsoft 70-680 certification has been retired, are you planning to release videos on any other Microsoft certifications?

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