CompTIA Network+ N10-004: 3.1 – Common Network Devices

If you walk into anyone’s network facility, you’ll find a set of network components that will be similar to those used at almost any other organization. In this video, you’ll learn about the most common network devices, many of which you probably have in your own home! This video covers hubs, repeaters, switches, routers, firewalls, and much more.

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2 thoughts on “CompTIA Network+ N10-004: 3.1 – Common Network Devices”

  1. Prof. Messer, you are realy an asset. the quality of your free training is easily understood and practical
    Sheik Mumun Mohamed

  2. Prof. Messer, I took up networking this Spring at college. I wished I had you for a teacher. I did study the 7 layers you help me to understand it better. I am going to go for my A+ this month and hope to pass it. Used your other web site of A+ Comptia. Enjoy your infomation while studying my 400 page text book. I hope you will you will update over time when new infomation comes along.

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