Professor Messer’s N10-004 CompTIA Network+ Training Course

March 23, 2009
Professor Messer's Free CompTIA Network+ Training CourseThis is the complete index to our entire series of free CompTIA Network+ training course videos. All of our CompTIA Network+ training videos are completely free; watch all of our videos online.

44 Videos – Total Running Time: 10 hours, 53 minutes

Who is Professor Messer? Are all of these videos really free? Read our frequently asked questions here.

CompTIA Network+ N10-004

Section 1: Network Technologies – 11 videos

Section 2: Network Media and Topologies – 10 videos

Section 3: Network Devices – 4 videos

Section 4: Network Management – 10 videos

Section 5: Network Tools – 3 videos

Section 6: Network Security – 6 videos

Additional Study: Professor Messer’s Network+ Study Group

Network+ Study Group Replays

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  1. Thomas McCoy says:

    Mr Messer,
    Thank you for the work you did on the A+ and Net+ websites.


  2. David says:

    Mr. Messer,

    I like the new website and I am astonished of the new Net+ training! Awesome! I am hoping to take the exam (a+) in a few weeks.

  3. Chris Sorensen says:

    Prof. Messer: Great work, including the Network+ material. Wish you’d do something like this for the CCNA certification, but realize that would be a massive undertaking.

    Thanks for all the excellent material you’ve presented already. I tell everyone I think might be interested about you. Your clear, succinct, articulate presentation, along with your top-notch production values, make you a standout.


  4. PAUL LEARY says:


    • Paul, I’ve got a number of new Network+ videos in the post-editing stage, so there will be some new videos very soon!

      • stephen says:

        thanks alot for all your videos there come the network+ videos skip section 3?

    • Fish says:

      Hello PAUL LEARY , My name is Fish Hacker, I have been with Prof Messer since he started his Videos , that time I was in college preparing A+, but I discovered a lot from Professor Messer’s website, I took the Exam and I Passed!,
      Now I am preparing N+, I am sure a lot N+ series Videos are here in this website. Just concentrate on and practice, other hand there are books which you can buy them and practice before you go the exam, also make sure you are familiar with what you are taking, physically (hardware and Software both) good luck.

      Best Regards,
      Fish Hacker.

  5. Karl Kessler says:

    Hi Professor! I just wanted to say thanks. I am taking classes at a local computer school and used your A+ training videos as another piece of the puzzle and just passed both my 601 and 602 tests today.
    I figured I could thank my teacher on Monday when I start my Network+ classes, but wanted to take a quick moment to thank you also. I look forward to watching your Net+ videos, and am expecting the same great results! I will also be letting my instructor and classmates know about your website.

    Great Job! Great Site! Great Videos!

    • Karl –

      Congrats on your new certification! I’m glad we could help with your studies.

      Enjoy the Network+ videos, we’re uploading new video modules all the time!

      • John says:


        I am ready to take my A+ exaim’s. I was only wondering about the course when I stumbled across your site.As soon as whatched the first mod I was hooked. Set at my desk Three days in a row to start.Thank you so much.JW

  6. arif says:

    Dear Sir!
    Excellent work done by you, I recently qualified my A+ technician exams (average 90% in both) thanks to your outstanding effort. Veru great vidoes and very well done.
    I am preparing for the Network+, when will these videos be complete as i intend taking exam by mid July 2009.



  7. alfa says:

    I’m getting ready to take my ccna and your intructional videos are extremely helpfull, specially the wireless, TCP/UDP, and the cable type. Not to mention that your videos got me through A+. Once again, thank you.
    I’ll keep coming back.

  8. intrepid_ibex says:

    this video is awesome. more power!

  9. Justin says:

    Hey, Professor! You rock! I passed my 220-601, and will be taking my 602 in October. Then I am doing Net+. I just wanted to say thanks because of all of the FREE training. Once again, YOU ROCK!


  10. Bryant Vasquez says:

    Would like to thank you Professor Messer, passed the 601 and 602 tests yesterday; your videos were essential to my success! now looking forward to viewing your network+ videos and obtaining that certification in the near future.

    Thanks again

  11. Sean says:

    Hey Professor!

    I just wanted to thank you for the great job you do! I used you A+ course a while back and I’m positive it was what got me through my exam!! I’m currently working towards my Net+ through a private training organization and I honestly think you have made the material much easier to comprehend than any other source I’ve used. I’ve been spreading the word about your courses to everyone I know. I am actually up for an IT position in the my local school system and can’t be any more optimistic about it! Thank you so much and keep on rockin’!!!

  12. Andrew Mieure says:

    You are honestly the man…. I passed my A+ 2 months ago, with a lot of help from here! thank you!

  13. T says:

    Your A+ videos helped me pass both 601 and 602.. thank you.. I’m now working on getting my Network+…

  14. Another One says:

    Professor, I must say your doing a wonderful thing here. I’m an unemployed college student with barely enough money to pay for a phone bill let alone A+ training. Your videos are a great thing and are really helping me learn what I need to. Especially helpful since I’m a big auditory learner.

    Hopefully with the information here I can prove my knowledge to a potential employer before getting certified. (since I don’t think I’ll be able to pay for the tests any time soon.)

    Again Mr. Messer, thank you for these great videos. A great asset to those seeking great A+ training without the means to afford it.

  15. DZMartin says:

    I went trough the CompTIA class and learned so little, it was quite boring.

    I found Professor Messer’s site when googling and I was able to brush up on some of the things I needed to study. Even though I knew much of the content, the videos were not boring.

    I have my A+ certification!! Now I am studying for my Network+ exam.

    Thanks for the videos.

  16. Andrew Fowler says:

    just a note to say thanks for all your efforts. I used my books and your modules to blast my A+ & IT tech exams first time.
    I’m a week away from my N+ exams and your modules are easy to understand and backup my reading with clear consistant info.

    Please don’t stop

    Best wishes to you and your family

  17. Brownie says:

    Professor: Thank you soooooooo! much I love these videos I just finished getting my degree and decided why stop there. I have always loved learning about computers and found your web site.. OH MY GOD! and free on top of that… I’m sure going to a school would be extremely costly. I wanted to donate to your site so I downloaded the videos for the $99.00 worth every penny. Keep up the GOOD QUALITY PRODUCTIVE work!

  18. Ash Shoush says:

    Hey Prof.
    Thanks a lot. I just passed the A+ two exams (in one shot! Yeah)
    I bought the whole A+ 95-videos. Add’em to my IPod. and thats was it. seriously.
    How can I get the Network + ASAP into my IPod?
    As you delay, as I getting homeless

  19. Koopa says:

    Can’t thank you enough for this site. It will help me achieve my goals and for somebody to do this for a non-profit cause will not go unnoticed

  20. Dan says:

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to say that with your help I passed my A + 220-601 and 220-602. I did use your videos in conjunction with test questions from test king. Although there might be a better place to get the questions I think your videos have helped me quite a bit.

    Thank Prof….now network +


  21. Ollie says:

    Very Helpful videos which make me more confident on some topics.I like your way of teaching
    Thank you Professor.
    God Bless You for your hard work 🙂

  22. Hi Professor Messer:I would like to thank you for teaching these classes on line for free to people like myself.I’m a student at a tech school in Dallas Texas,who has been confused the whole time I’ve beem there.If it had not been for your teaching,I would have drop out due to my lack of motivation cause by their lack of ability to teach people like myself who has no tech experience.THANK YOU.

  23. John Woods says:

    Professor ,

    I passed my A+ & am studding network+ now.THANKS A MILL,your coures is the reason I started down this path.I have done mostly manual labor & am now 36 I am ready for something
    easier on the back.God bless you and your family for these

    Thank you,John

  24. PAUL LEARY says:



    PAUL L.

  25. Chris Drake says:

    Hi James.
    Congratulations on the results of what will have been a massive undertaking. Without doubt your videos contain the best and most comprehensive information presented in a fashion that’s easy to understand and assimilate. I really appreciate your efforts as it has helped with both my Network + and MCSA studies.
    Many thanks, Chris

  26. Brendan T says:

    Hello Professor,

    Thanks for yet another wonderful product. I followed your A+ course and it aided me in getting certified, and I supplemented my studies with your Network+ training and it did the same. Your courses are as good or better than anything I have found on the market.

    Keep up the good work,
    Brendan T

  27. Perry says:

    Thanks for your help. Passed the N+ today, largely due to your input.

    Thanks again

  28. MARK SOUVALIAN says:

    Ty for all the effort you surely made a great product. “The training course with more zip on the fly then a pair of Denims.”

  29. Alan Cain says:

    I can’t thank you enough for this site. When I was doing my A+ studys I used this site and I passed with 98%. Now I am doing my Network+ and I hope to et the same results with the help of your online course.

    Thanks again
    Alan Cain

  30. Chris Drake says:

    Hi James. Thanks to you and your efforts I sailed through the Network+ exam this afternoon achieving 90%.
    Keep up the good work!
    Cheers, Chris

  31. Ismail says:

    Hi,Pro,thanks a lot for your A+ videos, I have passed 601 and 602 in July 2009 and I depended mainly on them. I am thinking of taking sth in networking(network+/ CCNA/ or ….) and I am sure these Network+ videos will help a lot.
    Well done! great job.

  32. Andy B says:

    Thanks Mr M!

    Passed Network+ this morning with 870 PASS. The CIDR/Subnetting video and walked through examples really helped me nail it!

    Great website.

    Andy B

  33. James says:

    Wonderful deal, your vids were very helpfull for my A+ completed 97%. Now for the Network+ I will complete this exam in October 09.
    Thanks for your help.

  34. Dz says:

    Just an update: Passed the Network+ too. Thank you so much for your website!

  35. chris643 says:

    Just want to say thanks a lot passed my network+ exam this morning.

  36. Jared Carson says:

    Passed 220-601 and 220-602. Now I am working on Network+. Thank you for everything that you have done for my family and I.

    I know you have been working on Network+ for some time now. Is it complete?

    M. Jared Carson

  37. David says:

    Hello Professor Messer,

    With your help I became A+ certified! w/in 2 months and now I am diving into the Net+, I just wanted to say thank you for your videos AND your morning A+ questions! Could you post some for Net+ as well? I don’t know if you would use a different handle or if you would tweet from the same one, I hope to see that in the future, it helps me in the morning to read them and if I don’t know the answer then click on your link!

    Once again thank you!



  38. Jason says:

    Thanks Professor for all the help you provided! I passed my Net+ with an 845/900!…

  39. richard says:

    Professor Messer what a guy taking my 220-601 & 602 what a massive help the vids have been so easy to understand and follow. nice one boss.

  40. Daryl Floyd says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent videos. Along with the Mike Myers A+ book and practice exams, your videos were EXTREMELY helpful in providing a greater understanding of the concepts for the A+. I passed the Essentials and IT Tech exams on the first try! I am looking forward to the Net+ studies and would also love to see a Security+ versions as well. My goal is to be A+, Net+, Security+ certified by Summer 2010. With your material helping me I am well on my way to accomplishing this goal.


    Daryl Floyd
    Spokane, WA

  41. Paul Millward says:

    Can you please give me some advice – i cannot view you’re videos anymore? Can you please help!

    Yours hopingly

  42. Paul Millward says:

    The videos seem to appear now – must be my system. Thank you again for the videos. An amazing resource. Paul

  43. hiba says:

    You are a great person, I wish you more success

  44. John says:

    Thanks a billion, Mr. Messer. I passed the A+ exams back in February AND the Network+ exam just today, all on the first try, and I don’t think I could have passed either without your videos(or at least not nearly as well and/or fail once). You’re awesome.

  45. Donna says:

    Thanks Professor. Love what your doing! It’s a tremendous help. I just got my CompTIA + certification and just heard about your videos while taking my Network + program. Wish I knew about you while I was taking my CompTIA + program.

    Happy to know about you now. Hope you can keep up the good work. It’s helpful to many.


    Nashville, TN

  46. Joel says:

    I’m now both A+ and Net+ certified. Thanks for your videos; they were a lot of help! I will be spreading the word!

    For those who are preparing for your certifications, I took the approach of watching videos, reading a study guide and then purchasing software for doing practice exams. This worked well for me–passing all 3 exams (the 2 A+ exams and the net+)on first attempts.

  47. M. Hunter says:

    I just passed my Network+ certification exam thanks to you. Thank you for posting a great and informative tutorial and making it available to everyone for free.

  48. Dave says:

    Your A+ and Network+ training have been integral in my study plan, and as I gear up to take the exams in the next 3 weeks, I’ll be hearing the Good Professors words echoing through my head as I sleep! 🙂

    “The only online training course that trains you, as you sleep!”

  49. Tony says:

    Thanks Professor Messer, Great Video, Passed my Network+ exam.

  50. I sent a note to showbo, and he clarified that the questions were from his Network+ exam. Congratulations on your new certification, showbo!

  51. Jordan says:

    Your training videos were an amazing source of information in my CompTIA training. I got my A+ last month and tomorrow I write Network +.u00a0Massive thanks to Professor Messer, the CompTIA genius.u00a0

  52. Mauricio says:

    Professor Messer thank you for the help that your online training curse gave me. Your method is very easy to undestand the concepts and where they are used. I just got my certificate and I am very grateful to you.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much for the videos. I just passed my network+ exam today thanks to all your help.

  54. Young Visionary says:

    Thank’s for the videos Professor Messer! I’m in high school, however, I believe that your videos make a good preparatory course.

  55. Techteam66 says:

    Thank you Prof. Messer for putting so much effort on these. You really helped us out and you explained every topic simple and easily understood. Please do not get tired of doing this. Again, Thank you very much and hope to see more videos in the future.

  56. Partrick says:

    Passed my N+ exam today. Thank you for the videos. n

  57. Thanks to professor messer passed the security+ a week ago between reading material and the videos its a great tool for everyone

  58. ElbowJoe says:

    Thank you so much Professor Messer!  I plan on taking my N+ within the next few weeks.  I’m feeling confident, and have been passing my practice exams quite soundly.

    You truly have a gift for teaching and have provided me with the fundamentals needed to continue moving towards my goal.  Cheers!

  59. Just wanted to say, a big “THANKS!” to Professor Messer for helping me pass my Network+ exam last month.

  60. Sharmaaaron Ak47 says:

    I don’t think, there exist a such word which will be enough to say “Thank You”. This helps a lot for people like me who can’t afford paying for it. Thank You so much. Now, i am A+, Net+ certified. I am looking forward for my Linux+ pretty soon. I sure will donate money for this site after i get hired. First paycheck is for you.

  61. Jasonbass says:

    just passed the Net+ N10-004 to day!