How to Pass Your N10-008 Network+ Exam

The CompTIA Network+ certification is one of the most popular entry-level networking certifications in the information technology industry. In this video, you’ll learn about the N10-008 edition and how to best prepare for your Network+ studies.

Welcome to this first video of Professor Messer’s CompTIA N10-008 Network Plus Training course. In this video series, We’ll go through every objective from CompTIA’s Network+ exam objectives. CompTIA, of course, is an organization that provides perhaps the most popular certifications for information technology professionals. They’re not only used to build a foundational knowledge that you can use in your career, but this is a set of skills and objectives that employers are also looking for. And if you look through job postings, you’ll notice that CompTIA certifications are often mentioned.

Even if you’re not planning to take the Network+ certification exam, the information in this course can be used to help extend your personal knowledge, and perhaps help you later on in your IT career. If you’ve not heard of CompTIA before, they are the Computing Technology Industry Association, and if you’re looking for an organization to provide certification in IT that’s not specific to any particular vendor, then CompTIA is where you should start. Network+ members consist of IT resellers, distributors, manufacturers, training centers and anyone else who has an interest in information technology.

The CompTIA certifications are also recognized around the world in more than 100 countries, and you’ll find that the exams are offered in many different languages. Hopefully, you found this course, because you were looking for training from someone who has been in the trenches and performed these tasks themselves. My professional career in information technology has not only been as supercomputer operations or hardware troubleshooting, but I’ve also worked as a systems engineer, worked in network management, and as a cybersecurity engineer.

I want to take my career of earning IT certifications and the practical knowledge that I’ve learned on the job to help you get a job or get a better job in information technology. This course is designed to be bite-sized video that cover topics from a section of the CompTIA exam objectives. You should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, dive in and cover the topics you’re interested in, and then you can either continue to watch other videos on different topics or you can choose to come back to the list later.

The reason we’ve created this course is that we found that the quality of what’s available on the market can vary widely, and it would be nice if there was a course available that was taught from the perspective of someone who’s done this job in the trenches. And because this course is absolutely free for you to watch online, you can use it as your primary source or you can combine it with other resources to build the best Network+ training for you.

If this entire course is free and there’s nothing that you would have to pay out of pocket, what’s the catch? It’s true that every minute of every video that I create is available for you to watch online for free. There’s nothing behind a paywall and there’s no additional registration required. You can simply connect to the internet and watch as many of these videos as you would like. If you would like an offline version of the videos, I do have those available for purchase. And if you need additional study materials, such as course notes, those are available on my site as well. So whether you need a video course or you need additional materials, hopefully, we have exactly what you’re looking for on our website.

The course you’re watching is for the N10-008 version of the Network+ exam. This exam was released on September the 15th of 2021. We know that CompTIA tends to keep their exams around for about 3 and 1/2 years, which means we can estimate a retirement for the N10-008 exam to be somewhere around March of 2025. If you’re watching this video somewhere in that time frame, then you found the right course for you. But you may want to check in with the CompTIA website to see when they plan on retiring the N10-008 or if perhaps there might be a newer version of this exam available.

To earn your Network+ certification, you have to pass a single exam. That exam is 90 minutes long and you could get a maximum of 90 questions on the exam. The exam has a grading scale between 100 and 900, and you have to score 720 or better to pass the Network+ exam. The Network+ exam covers content from five separate domains. The first domain is networking fundamentals, and that’s 24% of the exam. Domain two is network implementations at 19% of the exam. Domain three is network operations at 16%. Network security is domain four at 19%. And the last domain, domain five, is network troubleshooting at 22% of the exam.

Before you watch any more videos in this series, I highly recommend that you download the free CompTIA exam objectives. You can find a link to the CompTIA website by visiting These objectives cover every topic you’ll need to know to pass this exam. So it’s important that you use this as a checklist throughout your studies. Of course, we have this entire video course available that covers every topic from those exam objectives, but I do always recommend that you get a good book. I put some recommendations on my website at

We also have a fantastic community of people who are also studying for their certification exams and a number of folks who’ve already earned their certifications. You can find that chat room at And lastly, make sure you have as many resources as possible. We have some resources on our site that you can find at Hopefully now you’re ready to go through this certification, read up on the objectives and learn everything you need to know to earn your Network+ certification. You can, of course, find all of my videos indexed on the Professor Messer website or through my YouTube playlist.

You’ll always find people available in our chat at And we have live study groups available every month that go through topics specific to the Network+ certification. There’s also an after-show where you can ask questions specific to the Network+ certification or information technology in general. Everything you need to get started with your Network+ certification is available on Enjoy the course, and best of luck with your studies.