How can you manage boot devices?

You want to use a new boot CD-ROM to run some diagnostics on a computer, but the system is configured to boot from the hard drive instead of the CD-ROM drive. What will allow you to manage the order of the boot drives?

What can you use to control another computer?

You’ve been asked to install a new application on a server on the other side of the country. The easiest way to install the application is directly from the console of the server. What utility will allow you to control the server and install the application?

What was that error again?

During the startup process of one of your computers, an error message appears in the middle of the screen with a generic error code and message. The error does not identify the application that caused the message, and there are so many applications launching during startup that it’s difficult to know exactly which one is causing this message to appear. The rest of the Windows startup process operates normally and the computer works as expected. Where is the best place to get more information about this error message?

Which SATA power should you use?

You’re installing a SATA drive into a computer, and you notice that the drive contains two different power connectors. One of the power connectors is the traditional four-pin “Molex” power connection, and the other is the newer SATA power interface. Which one of these power connections should be used for your hard drive installation?

What can you do with hazardous material?

You’ve been asked to dispose of one-hundred old laptop computers, but you know that many of the components of these systems contain hazardous materials. Where is the best source of information on how to dispose of these components?

What is a MIDI?

One of your friends needs a MIDI interface for his computer. What kind of device normally attaches to the end of a MIDI interface?