How should you troubleshoot a power problem?

You’ve pressed the power switch to a computer, but there are no sounds or lights coming from the system. You’ve checked the power outlet with a multimeter, and the outlet is properly powered. You’ve also checked the end of the power cord that inserts into the power supply, and the power cord is properly powered. What’s the next step to help troubleshoot the problem?

Operating System Not Found?

As part of a system upgrade, you’ve removed the SATA hard drive of a desktop computer and replaced it with a new SATA drive purchased from a local retailer. When you start the computer, you receive the message “Operating System Not Found.” What is the most likely problem?

Why can’t my computer recognize a new RAM module?

You’ve upgraded the memory in a computer by adding an additional memory module to the motherboard. After powering the system up, the BIOS doesn’t show any errors but it also doesn’t show any additional memory in its memory counts. What is the best next step to troubleshoot the problem?