CompTIA A+ 220-701: 1.2 – Chipsets

If you look closely at a motherboard, you’ll see interfaces, connections, and many different chipsets. In this module, you’ll learn about these various chipsets and their interrelations.

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5 thoughts on “CompTIA A+ 220-701: 1.2 – Chipsets”

  1. I went through all of the 2009 A+ videos prior to these mobo videos. I found my self a bit confused, but for some reason, these videos really quickly summed up some topics that were frustrating me. Thanks Professor Messer. You rock!

  2. The PCI bus is a common bus on many motherboards. In my example, the PCI bus connected the graphics controller to the Southbridge. It doesn’t have to be that way, however!

  3. Professor Messer makes it so easy to understand, i have my exam soon and gonna watch as many videos as i can and not worry about failing as i have his videos to hand, keep up the great work Professor Messern

  4. Thanks a lot Professor Messer I have never been able to understand some of these topics includingu00a0Bus architecture and chipsets. The way you demonstrate themu00a0has made me feel more confident.u00a0Keep up the good worku00a0

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